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Argopi manufactures seamless socks, tights and garments for third parties, always paying the utmost attention to quality, comfort and design. Argopi offers collections designed to meet the needs of the modern woman, whatever her silhouette is.

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Leggings - Black

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  • Seamless Technology
  • Without Seams
  • Soft Microfiber

    Technology, innovation and aesthetics

    What distinguishes the Argopi hosiery factory, active since 1975 in the production of stockings and tights, is attention to detail. The desire to offer a superior quality product, packaged using the most advanced production technologies, allows the hosiery factory to offer high-class collections to brands and companies from all over Europe.

    Born in Castel Goffredo, in the province of Mantua, today the Italian hosiery has become one of the most important partners for companies involved in the women's fashion industry. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the skills refined in the field of design and production of tights and stockings, Argopi is the point of reference for companies and professionals from all over Europe.

    The company, constantly engaged in the research and development of innovative products, applies the latest generation production processes, using cutting-edge machinery and technologies. Argopi chooses high quality materials for the production of tights, stockings and seamless clothing, guaranteeing a modern aesthetic and maximum flexibility for the customer.

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