Plus sizes hosiery

PLUS SIZES hosiery is a collection that combines the history and expertise of those who for generation have dressed women legs. Unique items designed and created by skilled craftsmen who dedicated their lives to beauty and fashion.
The plus size stockings are developed without the unsightly back panel for a perfect fitting thanks to particular setups of the machines together with specific device.
Research and development departments are always looking for new construction and fiber in order to offer always an updated product.

Plus Size Hosiery tights

The Best Range of Plus Size Hosiery

We spent a lot of time researching the correct configuration that fits perfectly with plus sizes. In our plus size hosiery line you can find many models of tights, stockings, shorts and leggings suitable for all occasions.

We have developed products with different technologies and with innovative and natural yarns.

From opaque plus size pantyhose to stunning XL fishnet stockings and tights. You’ll find hosiery to suit your shape and style completely!


Plus Size Hosiery

Plus Size Hosiery

Plus Size Hosiery